A stable and healthy workforce = A safe and productive workplace. 

Incolink recognises the importance of workers health and well-being.

Incolink Health Checks consist of a suite of integrated member services provided to workers. The Incolink Health Check program can come to your site and is designed to educate workers on site about their health.

The Health Checks consist of 2 Steps

Step 1 - Toolbox

Program Overview including:

  • Health Checks - Why should I get one?
  • Incolink Q&A
  • Member benefits
  • Redundancy and insurance
Step 2 - Workplace Health Checks
  • Voluntary
  • Private and Confidential
  • Conducted by a General Practitioner on site
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, waist measurement and diabetes risk
  • Optional prostate check if recommended by GP
  • Immediate feedback

Talk to the Incolink Health Checks Team about booking in for a Health Check event on your site soon.

Incolink Health Checks Team: (03) 9668 3061 or email: healthchecks@incolink.org.au