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Incolink worker members can access their account 24/7 via WorkerLink  – make a claim, account balance, active membership and more.

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No more paper invoices – EmployerLink is Incolink’s dedicated online account management system.

Wellbeing & Support Services

Exclusive Member Services offers a range of health and wellbeing services to workers in the construction industry as part of their membership.


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Wellbeing & Support Services

For over twenty-five years Incolink has provided members with a valuable safety net through redundancy payments, portable sick leave, income protection insurance and support services through our Wellbeing & Support Team. 

A stable work and healthy workforce = a safe and productive workplace

Incolink Wellbeing & Support offers a range of exclusive services to workers in the construction industry as part of their membership. 

This short clip provides an overview of the benefits and services Incolink members receive as part of their membership.

ONSITE magazine

ONSITE magazine is produced four times a year as a Victorian building industry magazine in the interests of all relevant stakeholders of the Victorian building industry.

ONSITE supports an even-handed approach to giving voice to how the key stakeholders (building unions and employer associations) go about their day-to-day affairs, in respect to issues such as safety, jobs creation and investment.

The magazine invites contributions aimed at promoting the positive aspects of the industry.  ONSITE will not publish overt political commentary. Consistent with this, stakeholder advertising in ONSITE will be on an equal basis or not at all.

Editorial Board

Brian Boyd: Incolink Board member
Lawrie Cross: Master Builders Association of Victoria
Ron Smith: Media Consultant

Latest News From Incolink

In mid-October, legislation was tabled in Federal Parliament entitled ‘Proper Use of Worker Benefits Bill’ which, if passed in its current form, has the potential to significantly reduce the benefits that all worker redundancy funds, including Incolink, can provide to workers and employers. At this stage it has the potential to lead to increased costs and significantly reduce Occupational Health and Safety expertise in the Victorian construction industry.

Incolink is excited to announce a partnership with Skin Patrol in order to commence a comprehensive Incolink Skin Checks program for our members. This is an extension of our more general Incolink Health Checks program which has been very popular with members.