For nearly 30 years Incolink has provided members with a valuable safety net through redundancy payments, portable sick leave, income protection insurance and support services through our Member Wellbeing & Support Team.

Incolink Member Wellbeing & Support offers a range of exclusive services to workers in the construction industry as part of their membership. These services are there for members in good and bad times and include:

Preventative Education

Incolink Support Workers deliver preventative education, mental health and wellbeing awareness sessions on site, at employer offices, union training centres or TAFE colleges. These sessions are designed to provide early intervention and general awareness in relation to the issues of alcohol and drug abuse, mental health and wellbeing, suicide awareness, and problem gambling as well as offering support to apprentices.


Incolink is committed to assisting workers who have personal issues that may be affecting their quality of life at work and at home.

Health Checks

Incolink has recognised the importance of workers health and wellbeing and subsequently delivers an Incolink Health Check program to the industry.

Job Support

Incolink Job Support team provides a range of services to support and develop members’ careers. Incolink also has an employment placement service for matching workers to job vacancies.

Industry Liaison

The Industry Liaison Officers promote the benefits and services directly to construction workers, employers, employer organisations, trade unions and other industry parties.

Our Programs

Incolink Member Services works to provide extra programs that are designed specifically for the workers in the building and construction industry.  These programs are sometimes in partnership with other health and wellbeing organisations.