Employers must complete agreement to join and contribute to Incolink in accordance with the Building Industry Redundancy Pay Scheme through the completion of a Membership Application Form found below.

Processing Applications for Membership

Subject to Applications for Membership and Deed of Adherence being completed correctly and all relevant documentation on your industrial instrument being supplied, it takes approximately two to five working days for Incolink to approve and process an application. Employers will receive a confirmation of approval and their Incolink Employer Member Number via email once the registration process is complete.

Manage your company details

Simply log into your EmployerLink account, click Company Details and click Update.

PLEASE NOTE: only Super Users can edit all company details.
Super Users

Each employer member is required to nominate a Super User of EmployerLink. The Super User must be an authorised officer for your company as the super user will be able to set up and manage Authorised Users for their company. Further they are able to manage user contacts, including logins and password.

The Super Users will be able to update your company details such as address, telephone numbers and telephone security pin. A Super User can manage their company’s EmployerLink Authorised User permissions; thorough login in and updating User details.

Authorised Users

Authorised Users are able to access EmployerLink and to complete monthly returns and manage workers on behalf of the company.

The Super User must add new Authorised Users contact information by following the steps to update Company details.  

Employer Membership Forms