Skin Cancer Prevention has long been an issue of focus for the building and construction industry.

As a result, Incolink is excited to announce a partnership with SkinPatrol to commence a comprehensive skin checks program for our members – and we’d love you to get involved.

We’re taking expressions of interest from head contractors and Incolink employer members to take advantage of this program. Using Incolinks experience in delivering over 30,000 health checks into the industry and having piloted the skin checks program it is now available to be rolled out on-site.

GP’s with extensive experience in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment provide the skin check with further assessment via digital images and immediate dermatologist follow up if required. The program also focuses on preventative education and the importance of early detection of melanoma.

The Incolink Skin Checks program is rolled out over 2 steps on site.

Step.1 – Workforce Skin Cancer Awareness Sessions – Highlighting the importance of early detection of melanoma.

Step.2 – Individual Skin Checks – Full body skin check performed by a GP with full follow up and education about any skin issues.

For more information fill out the form below or contact David Cronin - Incolink Team Leader, Health Checks & Partnerships on 0418 470 409 or via email