Skin cancer will affect around two thirds of Australians by the time they are 70. People who work outdoors, such as building and construction workers, are especially at risk. That's why we introduced the Incolink Skin Checks program.

In partnership with Australian's largest mobile skin cancer clinic SkinPatrol, the Incolink Skin Checks program brings specialist skin cancer doctors to work sites across Victoria and Tasmania.

This means minimal disruption on site while also ensuring a comprehensive skin check and follow up process for your workers. And to cap it off, Incolink Skin Checks are completely free.

What is involved?

GPs with expertise in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment give each worker a 15-minute full body skin check. Any suspicious lesions are mapped and imaged so they can be monitored in the future, and referral to a dermatologist is provided if necessary. Workers receive their results on the day. 

The service includes preventative education on working safely in the sun and the importance of early detection of melanoma.

Incolink employer members can take advantage of this potentially life saving program for their workers — at no cost to them — by filling in the form below or contacting Incolink on 03 9668 3067 or


WATCH this video to see how Skin Checks can benefit your workforce