Incolink offers free and confidential counselling to all members and their families.

“Life isn’t always easy; but thanks to Incolink’s free counselling service, I know there’s someone I can talk to if I need help.”

Rocky, Crane Driver

Incolink is committed to assisting workers who have personal issues that may affect their wellbeing.

Incolink provides workers and their family’s access to a range of personal counselling for support regarding issues including:

All members including regional based members can access Incolink counselling services across Victoria and Tasmania.

Incolink Counselling: (03) 9668 3061 or 0419 568 605

Regional Counselling Support

Our regional members can access Incolink counselling services across Victoria and Tasmania.

After an initial discussion, the member and senior counsellor will determine the best course of support which could be provided via:

  • Face to face appointment;
  • Phone or Skype;
  • Referral to local services
  • Incolink also supports regional critical incidents through post incident debriefing and follow up counselling as required.

Incolink Counselling: (03) 9668 3061 or 0419 568 605