For Tasmanian workers

Protect your entitlements with Australia’s strongest construction industry fund – and enjoy peace of mind with included benefits such as free insurances and 24/7 counselling services. Incolink is also the only fund with a local field officer available to you. Click here to go to our Tasmanian workers section.

For Tasmanian employers

Simplify your administration processes and protect your workers with monthly redundancy contributions and insurance cover tailored to meet EBA and workers’ requirements. We can also assist your workforce by providing general health checks and/or skin checks direct to your job site. Click here to go to our Tasmanian employers section.

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Mon-Thu 8am-4pm
80 Federal St, North Hobart TAS 7000

Postal Address: GPO Box 660, Hobart TAS 7000
Incolink Tasmania Field Officer: Chris Gard, 0419 864 135, chrisg@incolink.org.au
24/7 Counselling: 1300 000 129


Your Funds in Safe Hands

Incolink is a joint enterprise of employer associations and industry unions in the commercial building, construction and civil allied industries in Victoria and Tasmania.

Founded in 1988, we are Australia’s oldest and largest manager of severance funds for the construction industry.  Incolink’s core services include the administration of redundancy funds, portable sick leave and income protection insurance schemes for workers in the commercial sector. Our members also have access to a range of additional benefits such as free counselling services, financial rights advice and preventative education on alcohol and other drugs.

Incolink has been operating in Tasmania since 2013. Based in Hobart, we support the Tasmanian construction industry with a range of services and benefits that give workers financial security and peace of mind.

For employers, we make managing cash flow and worker entitlements easy by sending you a monthly invoice which you can pay online – no paperwork required.

As well as redundancy schemes, we offer tailored leisure time insurance cover to meet EBA and workers’ requirements and provide workers with a wide range of wellbeing and support services.

Key benefits of Incolink membership include:

  • Workers are financially safeguarded during the tough times
  • Joining is easy – all our forms are available online
  • Our customer care team can provide assistance over the phone when you need it
  • Membership provides a safety net for workers and helps employers spread the cost of their entitlements out over time – rather than as a lump sum when a worker terminates
  • Employers who offer Incolink membership to their workforce have a competitive advantage over those who don’t
  • Our online EmployerLink and WorkerLink systems, and our Smartphone App, let you view account balances, insurances and other important information any time
  • Membership includes free counselling services as well as Tasmania Leisure Time Accident Insurance cover. We also offer illness insurance benefits, income protection, trauma 
  • We have a field officer in Tasmania to assist workers with their Incolink account and benefits.



The building and construction industry is a community with unique challenges. At Incolink, we’re committed to helping you through tough times. We are a trustee company that safeguards your redundancy entitlements for those times when you might need them.

Incolink membership gives you access to a range of benefits and services.