Rates and payment methods are summarised on this page.

Current Rates

Weekly Redundancy Rate is $81.00
Covers invoice period October 2019 to September 2020

$79.95  To the worker's account
$01.05  Industry levy to provide a redundancy benefit for apprentices

Weekly Contribution Rates Per Worker

Redundancy Contribution — $81.00
Portable Sick Leave (PSL) Insurance Contribution — $1.54*
Income Protection & Trauma (IPT) — $24.05*

Training Levy Contribution

Construction — $4.50
Plumbers effective 1 March 2019 — $32.01
Painters — $10.00

Calculation of GST excluding Stamp Duty:
IPT — multiply total by 0.0826989
PSL — multiply total by 0.0844

Breakdown for default rates:
IPT — base premium $19.87 + $1.99 GST + stamp duty $2.19 = $24.05
PSL — premium $1.27 + $0.13 GST + $0.14 stamp duty = $1.54


Payment Methods

Incolink accepts a number of payment methods for employers making monthly contribution payments for their workers, including;

  • BPay
  • Credit card (VISA / MasterCard)*

Employers are required to pay Incolink in accordance with the invoice periods as defined in the Trust Deeds and other agreements governing the funds.

*Please be advised, fees associated with making payments via credit card will be advised and deducted when payment is authorised.

Payment Due Date

Incolink redundancy contributions are due on the last day of the month to which it relates however payments will be accepted until the 14th of the following month. EmployerLink will automatically calculate your monthly invoice to reflect changes in your workforce.

  • Please remove or adjust for workers who did not work on a commercial or industrial site the entire month.
  • When adding new workers please ensure you provide their full name, address, date of birth, start date and their trade.
  • If a worker has left your employment please update the termination date.

Late Payments

Payments received after the last day of the month following the month in which they were due will be subject to a 10% Late Payment Fee as prescribed in the Trust Deeds and any subsequent amendments to the Deed. 

For example: The August invoice is due for payment by 30th August, however, because we collect payments in arrears we allow you until 14th September to make payment before taking action. Payments received after 30th September will incur the Late Payment Fee.

Invoice Periods

In accordance with the Trust Deed governing the funds, Incolink invoice periods are either four (4) or five (5) weeks dependent upon the number of weeks (Monday to Friday) that fall in the invoice period (month). Returns will not be able to be processed if they are not calculated according to Incolink invoice periods.

Tax Invoices

Incolink will send you an email notification when your tax invoice is available.

To process your invoice, log into your EmployerLink account and click on Invoices.

This page displays provisional and paid invoices.  If the invoice is finalised it will display accordingly in the status column. Where more than once invoice is provisional you must finalise the oldest invoice first.

To process an invoice, click on the invoice number.  A Tax Invoice receipt will be issued to you once the provisional invoice and payment have been processed.

Please note that GST, if applicable, is payable on invoices. You will receive a provisional invoice where you will be able make the necessary amendments and return to Incolink with your payment.