Q. When and how do I register with Incolink? What if I’m a subcontractor?
If you are required to contribute into an Incolink Fund then you need register your company before you start work on the site.
To register you you must complete the Application for Membership and Deed of Adherence registration forms.
Once your registration has been approved and processed you will receive a confirmation letter which will include your employer number.

To register as a sub-contractor, you must be a company with a Pty Ltd and you must complete the Application for Membership and Deed of Adherence registration form and complete the Sole Trader section. Once your registration has been approved and processed you will receive a confirmation letter. Please be aware that as a Sub-Contractor you CANNOT contribute into the fund.

Q. When I register with Incolink what Fund should I be in?
There are two Redundancy Funds managed by Incolink under Deeds of Trust.
• Fund 1 – for companies working in the commercial building and construction industry in Victoria or companies who have an EBA with the CFMEU and CEPU.
• Fund 2 – for companies working in the Metal, Labour Hire and Engineering trades or companies in Victoria who have an EBA with the AMWU and AWU.

Q. What is classed as a commercial construction site?
If you are unsure the site your employees are working on is a commercial construction site you will need to contact your union, or refer to your EBA/Industrial Agreement.

Q. How do I register an employee under my company?
Registration of employees is managed via EmployerLink, under Manage Employees. For more information about EmployerLink, click here. EmployerLink

Q. Can I register a new employee over the phone?
No, you are required to register a new employee via EmployerLink.

Q. What Information do I need to provide Incolink to register a new employee?
We require the Incolink member number (if known), full name, address, date of birth, start date, email address, and mobile phone.

Q. What is EmployerLink?
EmployerLink is an online system designed with you in mind to save time and reduce the paperwork associated with managing employers’ redundancy contributions, insurance and training levies.

Q. Are there any fees or charges for using EmployerLink?
Incolink provides EmployerLink free of charge to register Incolink employer members.

Q. How do I register to use EmployerLink?
When you register using the Application for Membership and Deed of Adherence form you will be also registered to use EmployerLink.  Your EmployerLink password will be sent out in your confirmation letter.

Q. Why should I use EmployerLink?
EmployerLink provides the fast and efficient processing of Incolink payments:
• Payments and lodgement of invoices are made via the system.
• Live registration and notification of terminating workers
• Payments are made by credit card and BPay.
• Monthly invoice processing reminders are sent via email by the system.
• Online use of Incolink's JobSupport service.
• Online processing of all returns.

Q. How do I obtain a receipt once my payment is made?
Once payment has been received and processed by Incolink you can log in to EmployerLink and print a tax invoice.

Q. When can I use the EmployerLink service?
The EmployerLink service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Must I be connected to the Internet to use EmployerLink?
Yes; EmployerLink runs through the Internet.

Q. Do I require an email address to use EmployerLink?
Yes; EmployerLink requires a business-specific email address to enable us to communicate with you. You need to provide your email address when you complete the Application for Membership.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions or comments regarding the EmployerLink service?
You can contact Incolink Customer Service on (03)9639 3000 or email redund@incolink.org.au

Q. What happens if I forget my login or password?
If you have misplaced your login, you will need to contact Incolink during business hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm).
If you forget your password, you may retrieve it online by accessing the “Forgot your Password” page. The password will then be sent to your registered email address.
^ For more information on how to use EmployerLink, please refer to the EmployerLink User Manual.

Q. Am I required to use EmployerLink to process my monthly return?
Yes. All employers are required to complete their monthly return through EmployerLink.

Q. What are the payment options for paying contributions?
As an Employer Member of Incolink, you can pay your invoice via EmployerLink using your credit card or BPay
• By cheque^
• By BPay
• By credit card*
^Employers who continue to pay via cheque are reminded that cheque payments are subject to bank clearance and may therefore delay the process of your monthly return
*Fees and charges apply.

Q. What is IPT and why must I pay it?
IPT (Income Protection and Trauma) is an insurance component which must be paid 100% of the time for an employee unless the employee has been terminated. You may not be required to pay the IPT if you do not have an EBA or your EBA does not stipulate payment of the IPT for your employees. A summary of the benefits payable under this insurance can be viewed by downloading a brochure from here.

Q. Can I pro-rata IPT?
No, IPT cannot be pro-rated. IPT must be paid 100% of the time unless the employee has been terminated. Even, if an employee is employed on a casual basis, you are required to pay IPT 100% of the time unless your EBA states otherwise.

Q. Can I increase the premium benefits for the Income Protection and Trauma?
Only if stipulated in your EBA. Please contact Incolink to find out details of how this can occur.

Q. What is Portable Sick Leave?
The Portable Sick Leave scheme (PSL) has been set up to take over the sick days a worker would normally lose when they leave or are terminated by their current employer.

On termination of employment, the employer is required will send to Incolink the number of sick leave credits a worker has remaining. It is important that the employer completes the form at the time of termination.

Q. How do I notify Incolink regarding Portable Sick Leave days when an employee leaves my company?
To manage employees and notify Incolink of Portable Sick Leave Days, please refer to the EmployerLink User Manual.

Q. When can an employee claim his Portable Sick Leave Days?
An employee must first exhaust all their eligible sick days with their current employer before they are able to claim the days held in the Portable Sick Leave Scheme.

Q. What happens to the sick days provided to Incolink if an employee returns to our employment?
If an employee has been terminated by the employer and is re-employed by the same employer within 6 months the sick days provided to Incolink are reversed and the employer takes responsibility for the payment of them.

Q. Can I provide insurance benefits to all my employees including office staff?
Yes, contact Windsor Management Insurance Brokers on (03) 9663 2411 for further information about the Accident and Illness Benefits Program for office employees.

Q. How do I register an apprentice under my company?
You can register an apprentice via EmployerLink.

Q. Do I need to pay redundancy for my apprentices?
Most apprentices will not receive redundancy payments, unless their current EBA specifies that you are required to do so. However, you are required to provide Incolink with the number of days an apprentice works on a commercial construction site.

Q. Why do I have to provide Incolink days worked for apprentices?
You are required to provide the number of days an apprentice works on a commercial/industrial construction site on a monthly basis as the apprentice receives insurance cover under the Personal Accident Leisure Time Insurance scheme.

Q. When do I have to provide to Incolink the days worked for apprentices?
When an apprentice works on a commercial/industrial construction site. This includes days on leave, days on worker’s compensation, days spent attending school, rostered days off and public holidays.

Q. Am I required to provide to Incolink days worked on weekends for apprentices?
No, Incolink will only accept days worked from Monday to Friday.