The process to register apprentices is similar to setting up a worker with Incolink.  

Log into your EmployerLink account and access the Manage Workers menu option, followed by My Worker.

Enter the workers personal and employment details, ensuring all mandatory fields are completed, and then click Save. When registering new employees who are apprentices you will need to supply the following details:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile phone
  • Incolink number - if previously registered with Incolink
  • Commencement date of apprenticeship
  • Trade/job title
  • Email address

Apprentices will be included on your monthly invoice as they receive apprentice days – so you need to nominate the number of days they have worked on a commercial construction site during the month. If the apprentice works under an EBA you will need to pay PSL and IPT payments as required.  Remember: The date they started their apprenticeship may be different to the date they commenced employment with you if they started their apprenticeship with another employer.  

On the invoice under the column “Days Worked this Month” put the total number of days the apprentice worked on a commercial or industrial site - Monday to Friday only. This includes days on leave, days on worker’s compensation, days spent attending school, rostered days off and public holidays.

If an apprentice has completed their apprenticeship, please provide the completion date in writing on the invoice or on company letterhead.