Incolink has over 82,000 worker and employer members and is Australia’s leading manager of redundancy entitlements for the building and construction industry.

A career in the commercial building and construction industry is a rewarding one. Over one million Australians work in the industry and contribute towards planning, designing and building our ever-growing cities and towns. A vibrant construction industry is an essential part of keeping Australia moving forward.

On the flip side, the nature of construction work means our industry can be challenging. Irregular work patterns, long hours, the physical demands of the job and the health and safety issues that come with working in a high-risk industry, means workers may need support from time to time. 

This is where Incolink membership steps in. We provide a safety net to workers through redundancy payments, insurance cover and wellbeing services such as counselling and crisis support. And for employers, we take the hassle out of administering worker entitlements which means you can focus on running your business. 

Incolink administers two redundancy funds according to the type of work a member performs:

How Incolink membership works

Employers make monthly redundancy contribution payments to Incolink on behalf of their workers. The payments are made monthly in arrears and are dependent on the number of weeks worked on a commercial construction site, during the monthly invoice period. The funds created by these contributions provide redundancy payments and a range of other benefits and services to construction industry workers. The amount employers contribute for workers is set down in an Industrial Instrument and the Fund Trust Deed.

For more information on contributions refer to the Employer Payments page.

Inclusions / exclusions

Employers will continue to pay redundancy contributions even when a worker is on:

  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Long service leave
  • WorkCover (note that redundancy and portable sick leave contributions are paid for the first 12 months only)

Employers will NOT contribute to a worker's account if they are:

  • On unpaid leave for five consecutive days in one week (Mon-Fri), or
  • Stood down due to an industrial dispute