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Watch Mel, Chris and Andre talk about their work injury management story.

Get automatic access via Incolink’s IPT Program

Total Claims Solutions’ Work Injury Management Service (WIMS) is automatically available to employers and injured workers who are part of the Incolink IPT program at no extra cost (effective immediately). This means payments must be current for workers when a workplace injury occurs.

Why Total Claims Solutions?
They're a leading specialist case management organisation that's been managing the Incolink Accident and Illness Benefits program for more than 19 years.

Total Claims Solutions’ WIMS offers fully trained and highly experienced Injury Management Coordinators to support the injured worker and employer through the entire Workers' Compensation process. We have a firm understanding of Workers' Compensation Injury Management matters, as well as specific skills to assist both employers and employees when a work injury occurs.

Proven Success

For your business to move forward, you need the right partner by your side. Total Claims Solutions' Work Injury Management Team is achieving measurable results. See what our satisfied clients have to say.


Why WIMS works for everyone

  • Offers immediate access to experienced Injury Management Coordinators.
  • Reduces downtime and increases productivity.
  • Ensures appropriate policies and procedures are in place.
  • Effectively manages all requirements through a WorkCover liaison person.
  • Encourages a positive workplace culture.

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Total Claims Solutions coordinates all aspects of the claim for an effective claims process and a safe and timely return to work. We keep health professionals, the worker and employer well informed, so everyone is working towards the same goal. Plus, the service can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.

What if you’re an Incolink Employer Member but are not a part of the IPT program or have workers who are not covered under the IPT program?
Cost control is important for business success and that's why Total Claims Solutions offer Incolink employer members (not participating in the IPT program) special, reduced, fees for service.

Work Injury Hotline - 1800 238 026

Employers and injured workers can call the hotline, Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 4.30pm. All enquiries can remain anonymous. Alternatively, you can submit the form below and a Total Claims Solutions Injury Managment Coordinator will contact you soon. Total Claims Solutions respects the confidentiality and privacy rights of all callers. You can request a copy of our privacy policy by contacting our office.

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