Building & Construction Industry Accident & Illness Benefits Program

An exclusive program for Incolink members in Tasmania

Incolink’s Tasmanian Accident & Illness benefits are available to workers if an employer member has made contribution payments on the worker’s behalf to this specific program.

Incolink provides automatic Leisure Time Accident Insurance, Funeral Cover, and Discretionary Cover (dental, accident only), for on-site workers when an employer continues to pay redundancy contributions on a worker’s behalf.

Workers, who receive Income Protection and Trauma (IPT) contribution payments to Incolink, will be eligible for the Tasmania Illness Benefits and Workplace Trauma Program. 


  • Cover can be tailored to meet an EBA and workers’ requirements.
  • Cover is only available for those workers where the employer continues to pay the contributions and are current at the time of the event.  Gaps in payments will mean no cover.  Where back payments have been made and a claim is submitted, the claim will not be considered.

Incolink Accident & Illness Benefits Program Brochures - Tasmania 

These brochures assist workers in understanding the benefits that apply under the various insurance covers administered by Incolink and the circumstances under which these benefits may be claimed. 


PLEASE NOTE Important Disclaimer

From 14 November, 2016, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits as per ATO guidelines. For more information, please contact Total Claims Solutions on (03) 9663 2411.