Incolink Members

If you’re an Incolink member, you may have access to the various insurance covers administered by us. 

  • Incolink Members
  • Incolink Tasmania Members: If an employer is paying contributions to the specific program for Tasmanian members, then the Incolink Tasmanian covers apply. Workers should confirm with their employer what contributions are being paid on their behalf to identify the correct cover in place.

Not an Incolink Member?

If you’re not an Incolink member and belong to one of these organisations:

  • RTBU
  • Other Employer Programs

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Incolink Employer Members - Office Based Workers 

Incolink offers employer members the opportunity to cover all office-based staff with the same Accident & Illness Benefits Program that is currently in place for on-site workers. This apples to all workers who are at least 50% office based.

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General Insurance

A range of business insurance products are available through Windsor Management Insurance Brokers. Programs are backed by all the leading insurers. This means they can deliver competitive, proactive solutions.

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