Following the onset of the GFC an immediate dislocation in global credit markets occurred causing a structural shift in the Australian credit market. This resulted in diminished competition as consolidation took place in the banking industry and Non-Bank Financial Institutions were put under pressure via redemption demands from their customers. Market demand for debt to fund property developments did not abate and creative solutions became necessary to assist the Victorian construction industry.


Incolink Mezzanine Fund

Incolink Mezzanine Fund, managed by MaxCap Group is a unique investment for Incolink which creates jobs of members. It has stemmed from a strategic decision to build on Incolink’s commitment to support and invest back into the building and construction industry.

Incolink along with asset manager MaxCap Group established the Incolink Mezzanine Fund in 2011 to lead the way in establishing initiatives to sustain the building and construction industry for the future.

Through the risk mitigated investment of member funds back into the industry, the Incolink Mezzanine Fund directly assists in the creation of more jobs for members; supporting the industry which consequently creates greater returns to enable cycle of re-investment.



Incolink is managed by people who understand the commercial building and construction industry.
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MaxCap Group

MaxCap Group is the trading name of MaxCap Group Pty Ltd, the exclusive asset manager of the Incolink Mezzanine Fund. MaxCap is recognised as one of Australia’s outstanding specialised financial service innovators and one of the largest providers of second mortgage funding in Australia. One of the company’s recent highlights has been the establishment of the Incolink Mezzanine Fund in conjunction with Incolink in 2011.

MaxCap is wholly owned by its four Principals; Vince Rusciano (Chairman), Wayne Lasky (Managing Director), Brae Sokolski (Director – Business Development) & Michael Fowler (Director). The Directors of MaxCap and the senior management team have extensive experience in property financing both as principal lenders and investors, and as originators of debt. Expertise relates to projects across Australia in a range of property sectors including residential, office, retail, industrial, retirement, etc.

MaxCap has a proven track record as an asset manager of institutional second mortgage funding, delivering sound risk-adjusted returns with 100% success in capital preservation.

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Incolink is the trading name of the Redundancy Payment Central Fund Limited. It is a trustee company established by unions and employers in the Victorian building industry in 1988 to administer industry funds. These funds provide a range of assistance for building, construction, contracting, and metal construction industry workers between jobs.