How Incolink works

Your employer pays your entitlements to Incolink each month. These funds build up in your Incolink account so if you ever lose your job, you can make a claim against the funds. The amount your employer contributes is set down in your industry agreement and in our Trust Deed.

Two types of accounts

When you set up your Incolink account, you’ll need to choose which type of account best suits your needs. The accounts we offer are:

A Severance Account lets you claim a portion of your funds as an initial benefit as soon as you become unemployed. If you’re still out of work four weeks later you can claim the rest of the money in your account. Severance accounts are taxed at the concessional tax rate.

A Genuine Redundancy Account lets you claim the whole amount in your account if your position is made redundant, or if you suffer a permanent disability or death (via your estate). These types of accounts have no fees and are taxed at a nil or reduced rate, however, you can only make a claim if your position has genuinely been made redundant. If you lose your job for any other reason, you cannot make a claim on this type of account.

It is important to seek advice before selecting your preferred account type to make sure it is the best account for you.

Find out more about severance accounts here.
Find out more about genuine redundancy accounts here.

Your membership card

When your employer registers you with Incolink, we’ll send you a membership card that gives you access to all the benefits that are included with your membership.

After you receive your new card, you’ll need to activate it on the Incolink website. You’ll then be issued with a login and password so you can access your Incolink account online via WorkerLink and via the Smartphone App. If you lose your card, let us know straight away by calling (03) 9639 3000 or emailing so we can send you a replacement card.

Activate your membership card

Membership card FAQ

Remember to carry your Incolink card in your wallet when you are on site. Whenever you start a new job in the commercial construction industry you should show your card to your new employer.


Making a claim

To lodge a claim you’ll need to get documents signed by your employer – someone who is a director or partner in the business, or the authorised Incolink contact. All our claim forms are on the website here. Incolink will deduct tax from your claim at the correct Australian Tax Office rate and will send you a Group Certificate to use when you lodge your annual tax return.

For more information about making a claim, download the Incolink Services Handbook.