Incolink insurance cover gives you access to a range of benefits if you have an accident away from the workplace that prevents you from working. We offer two types of insurance cover, one of which is included with your Incolink membership and the other which is optional and incurs a small additional cost for employers.

Tasmania Leisure Time Accident Benefits Program

This insurance is automatically included with all Incolink memberships in Tasmania. It includes Leisure Time Accident Insurance (weekly benefits, capital benefits, broken bones and bill payer), Journey Cover, Funeral Cover and Accidental Dental, as long as your employer is paying redundancy contributions on your behalf and they are up to date.

If you become unemployed you will still be covered for a period of nine months after your last Incolink contribution, provided you are actively seeking employment in the construction industry and are a registered job seeker.

Download the Tasmania Leisure Time Accident Benefits Program brochure for full details of coverage, exclusions and benefits.

Tasmania Illness Benefits Program

Incolink also offers illness benefits insurance for an additional cost to employers. You will only be covered by the Incolink Illness Benefits Program if your employer makes payments on your behalf to this specific program.

Download Illness Benefits Program brochure

Which cover applies to me?

Your employer will be able to tell you which insurance benefits apply to you. Simply ask them if they pay the additional premium to know if you're covered for illness benefits.

Remember, if you need to make a claim you are only covered if your contributions are current at the time of your accident or illness. Gaps in payments will mean you are not covered if an accident or illness occurs during that period – your employer cannot back-pay the contributions when you submit a claim.

Making a claim

All claims are managed by Total Claims Solutions who have been appointed as claims managers on behalf of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. You can download a claim form below or contact Total Claims Solutions on (03) 9663 2411. For more information on how to claim, click here to visit the Insurance Claims page.