Protecting Tasmanian Workers

The building and construction industry is a community with unique challenges. At Incolink, we’re committed to helping you through tough times. We are a trustee company that safeguards your redundancy entitlements for those times when you might need them.

Incolink membership gives you access to a range of benefits and services.

Financial security

We safeguard your severance or redundancy entitlements. If you’re out of work, your Incolink funds can help tide you over.

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Insurance benefits

It’s a fact of life that accidents and injuries can happen any time, not just at work. That’s why Incolink’s Building & Construction Industry Accident & Illness Benefits Program is one of the key benefits of your Incolink membership. It offers protection for non-work-related health issues or injuries that could prevent you from working.

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Counselling and support

If you’re struggling with personal issues like depression or anxiety, excessive use of alcohol or other drugs, or you simply want advice on your financial rights, our free counselling services can help. Find out more.

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