Skin cancer will affect two out of three Australians by the time they are 70. People who work outdoors, such as building and construction workers, are especially at risk. That's why we introduced the Incolink Skin Checks program.

Incolink has partnered with Australian's largest mobile skin cancer clinic SkinPatrol to roll out a comprehensive skin checks program for our members.

A team of GP’s with expertise in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment provide the skin checks. Any suspicious lesions are mapped and imaged, and follow up with a dermatologist is included if required. The program focuses on preventative education to help workers keep themselves safe, as well as reinforcing the importance of early detection of melanoma.

Incolink employer members can take advantage of this potentially life saving program for their workers — at no additional cost — by filling in the form below.  


How do Skin Checks work?

Workers who register for the program are given a full body skin check by a specialist skin cancer doctor. Each skin check takes 15 minutes and is completely confidential. Any suspicious lesions are mapped and imaged so they can be monitored in the future, and further treatment is provided if necessary. Each worker receives their results on the day, including information on how to manage any skin issues they may have.

For more information or to arrange for the Incolink Skin Checks team to visit your site, fill out the form below or contact Incolink on 03 9668 3067 or