For apprentices working on a commercial/industrial construction site within Victoria, their employer/s will either provide Incolink with the number of days apprentices work on site or redundancy contribution payments, if required under an Industrial Instrument. Days on site includes days on leave, days on workers compensation, days at school, rostered days off and public holidays.

During an apprenticeship, if an apprentice becomes unemployed due to lack of work and they have worked on a commercial/industrial construction site, they may be entitled to make a redundancy claim.

If an apprentice becomes unemployed, they can claim their apprenticeship days as redundancy in the following situations:

A. An apprentice completes their apprenticeship, then completes 52 weeks within the commerical/industrial building industry, and their employer/s have paid 52 weeks of employer redundancy contributions into Incolink during the period.

B. An apprentice who has not yet finished their apprenticeship is laid off due to a lack of work and there is no arrangement with their employer to re-employ them, and where the apprentice training agreement is cancelled.

C. An apprentice completes their apprenticeship, and is then laid off due to a lack of work within the next 52 weeks. There must be no arrangement with the employer to re-employ them.

Under situations B and C, the Apprentice and the employer are required to complete and lodge an Apprentice Credits Application Form, Initial Claim Form and provide the supporting documentation confirming the cancellation of the apprenticeship and training contract.

To be eligible to have the days paid out as redundancy under situation A, the apprentice and the employer must complete and lodge an Apprentice Credits Application Form. To obtain a copy of this form please contact Incolink or download here.