Building & Construction Industry

Accident & Illness Benefits Program

Incolink provides building and construction workers redundancy benefits along with an extensive list of insurance benefits where the employer continues to pay redundancy contributions and IPT contribution payments.

Insurance cover will only be provided where your employer continues to pay the agreed contribution payments on time each month.

  • Workers who receive contribution payments to Incolink’s redundancy fund will be eligible for insurance cover under Incolink’s Personal Accident Leisure Time Insurance, Funeral Cover and Discretionary Cover (emergency transport & dental, accident only).
  • Workers who receive Income Protection and Trauma (IPT) contribution payments to Incolink will be eligible for Incolink’s IPT benefits program.
  • The Incolink Portable Sick Leave (PSL) scheme is exclusive to Incolink; workers will be eligible for this scheme where the employer has agreed to make contributions under an Industrial Instrument (EBA), and is making PSL contribution payments to Incolink on their behalf.

Please note:  From 14 November, 2016, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits as per ATO guidelines. For more information, please contact Total Claims Solutions on (03) 9663 2411.

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