To qualify for a $100 referral payment, the following conditions must be met by both the Incolink member making the referral, and the non-Incolink worker taking out a new Incolink membership:

  1. An Incolink member who is referring a non-member as part of the Refer-a-Mate program must complete an Incolink Tasmania Refer-a-Mate form.
  2. Incolink members participating in this program must have an active Incolink Tasmania membership and be employed in the Tasmanian building and construction industry.
  3. Non-members being referred to Incolink must be employed in the Tasmanian building and construction industry and must meet all the conditions for Incolink membership as stated in our Membership Application Form.
  4. A referred non-member who joins Incolink must remain a member for a minimum of six months before referral payment will be made to each of the parties. If a referred new member cancels their Incolink membership within a six-month period then both parties will forfeit their right to claim the $100 ‘refer a mate’ payment.
  5. Payments will be made by EFT to the nominated bank accounts of the existing member and the new member, and cannot be substituted for a cash payment or any other form of incentive.
  6. Payments are made twice a year in June and December.
  7. Queries can be directed to Incolink via email or by calling Incolink Tasmania Field Officer Chris Gard on 0419 864 135.