Incolink is a joint enterprise of employer associations and industry unions in the commercial building, construction and civil allied industries in Victoria and Tasmania and was established in 1988.

Incolink administers redundancy, portable sick leave and income protection insurance schemes for the commercial construction sector.  Incolink’s core responsibility is to preserve and invest these funds and make severance payments on behalf of its worker members.  In addition, Incolink provides a range of wellbeing and support services to the building and construction industry.

Incolink is managed by people who understand the commercial building and construction industry.

Incolink manages two approved redundancy funds:

  • Fund Number 1 – for Building Construction/Contracting industry workers
  • Fund Number 2 – for Metal Construction/Contracting, Engineering Construction/Contracting and Labour Hire Industries

How Incolink works

Each month, employers make redundancy contribution payments to Incolink on behalf of their employees. The payments are made monthly in arrears and are dependent on the number of weeks worked on a commercial construction site during the monthly invoice period. The funds created by these contributions provide redundancy payments and a range of other benefits and services to construction industry workers.

The amount employers contribute for employees is set down in an industrial instrument and the Fund Trust Deed.

A small contribution is made by workers towards an Apprentice Levy, providing eligible former apprentices with a benefit based on their period of apprenticeship (during which no contributions are made on their behalf). In some cases, it also provides assistance for out-of-trade apprentices.

Incolink is available to employers and employees in the Victorian and Tasmanian construction industry and the Metal construction/contracting, engineering construction/contracting and labour hire industries.